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Area already inhabited in the Neolithic period, was an important Roman center. After suffering numerous destructions during the barbarian, passes spontaneously under the jurisdiction of the Republic of Venice in 1300. But the decisive event for its development is the arrival of Caterina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus. Belonging to the noble Venetian family, Catherine is given in marriage to James of Lusignan, king of Cyprus in 1473, where he also reigned after her husband's death. When the Venetian Republic recalls she at home in June 1489, she has been assigned to the lordship of Asolo. It became in fact a perfect little cultural capital. Pietro Bembo followed her and many other literati attended her court.

The still evident architectural mark, the frescoed Gothic halls, the tower of the castle, they reveal the splendor that the small city acquired in that period. After the League of Cambrai, Catherine and her court leave Asolo and retreat in Venice in 1509.

Asolo is located in a strategic position perfect to visit numerous places of historical and artistic interest and is beautifully situated on a hill with one of the most beautiful views of the Veneto.
It's one hour by car from the incomparable Venice, Vicenza, Padua and half an hour from Treviso.

Nearby you can visit some of the most famous villas of Andrea Palladio, including Villa Barbaro in Maser and Villa Emo in Fanzolo.

A few kilometers it’s located the Gipsoteca and the Temple of Antonio Canova, or Bassano del Grappa, with the beautiful Palladian bridge. A little further away it is Marostica with its famous Chess Square, where every two years is played a game of chess with figures.

Asolo always was, and still is, a location for artists and intellectuals. Carducci called it "the city of a hundred horizons".
Eleonora Duse lived in Asolo and here is buried in the small cemetery of St. Anne. The frequented Gabriele D'Annunzio, Arturo Toscanini and many other illustrious names lived here, among others, Robert Browning, Francesco Malipiero and Freya Stark.

Here are held many cultural events throughout the year.
In Spring an international festival of classical music “Malipiero Concerti” and a contemporary art competition “Premio Internazionale Biennale d'Arte di Asolo”; in September an international festival of chamber music “Incontri Asolani” and the “Festival del Viaggiatore”, a kermesse of cultural events in the village and the literary prize Segafredo Zanetti.
In June there is the “Palio of Asolo and the 100 horizons”,a competition in which the municipalities of Asolo challenge of pulling a Roman chariot along an uphill path of about 1,800 meters. The event began in 1993 to commemorate the arrival of the Queen Caterina Cornaro in Asolo, over the chariot a girl in historical garments is the queen who in 1489 entered triumphantly into Asolo to take possession of her new kingdom.
Every second Sunday of the month there is a historic and well known flea market.

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